Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Siem Reap,Cambodia (Bayon)

Finally we are here on Valentine...I dont see any roses selling here..
Weather is like 34degree Celcius? Hot hot hot~
Our first day here we just hang around. Walking around identifying roads. Siem Reap is a small town. It's HARD to get lost. If you did I'm surely impressed! Hahaha...and YA Remember to pick up a free tourist guide book in your hotel!!!Everything you need it's there!

Our officially first day of temple and palace tour is on the 15th Feb~ Hired a tuk-tuk driver for around USD30 for 2days? I dont really remember how much... THe driver will bring you around to the places you want to visit. My best advice is to get an older tuk-tuk so he wont charged you that much and certainly bargain as much as you can or if you love cycling why not spending the whole day cycling to one place to another. You will need more than 3 days allocate for 6-8hours/day. The park is HUGE!!!!

You might play hide and seek and not be found for the whole week!!!

To enter the park with all  the sightseeing you first will get a ticket either is a one day ticket,3 days ticket or 7 days ticket! You will pass by a bridge that gives you a sense of ancient treasure raider....XD

Our first stop is Bayon. Me and Soyoung WOW for non-stop of its beautifully structured temple~  

You will notice the smiling four Buddha faces carved on the stones

There are a few on the ground where you can get to shoot with their pleasant smiles upclose~

We spent 2hours to explore every corner of the temple

 I'm happy she is willing to wait for me to get my best shot~

To ----> another temple...

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