Sunday, March 10, 2013

Siem Reap,Cambodia (Banteay Srey)

Hahaz almost every temples we visited are the same so we decided to have a long 37km ride to the outskirts of Siem Reap town. I find the ride is quite rewarding as we need to passby some villages and I get to know roughly how agricultural activities supported them. They plant mostly we planted in Malaysia; the tropical fruits~ Buffaloes are seen roaming freely at the dried paddy fields.

After 1hour sight of the countryside finally we are here and I've noticed there is smtg quite different from the rest!

The door and the structure of the buildings are in a much smaller sizes!
When I told Soyoung maybe the King or the God might be in a shorter size that's why everything is smaller she laughed. No offense but it was just merely a joke after a long ride in the hot weather. Her laughter makes me happy too.

What really catches my eyes is the statue and the craftsmanship on the stones!!!
It fills every spaces of the stone~ 

 The Human body with animal faces statue

And the materials used are red sandstone. 
You will notice the reddish colour tone in all my pics here!

The details on the stone

The story on the stone

The companion , Soyoung Lee

=) I find Banteay Samre very fascinating too!!!
NEXT Banteay Samre~

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