Saturday, March 9, 2013

Siem Reap,Cambodia (Angkor Wat)

Most people will probably answer you "Angkor Wat" when you asked them what do you know about Cambodia. Second answer would probably Pol Pot but not let's get into the mood of the political war.
Angkor Wat is the most famous spot for sunrise! As early as 5am Cambodian timing, tourist already flocking and most already blocking and squatting at the best spot for the view of the sunrise and the temple. I never seen such a number of people at a scenic view before. Feels like I'm camping for Apple's latest product! If you have the time do come back for sunset where there is less crowded. 

The entrance at dawn

The temple

Once the temple is visible we left. Should had waited for the rising 'egg yolk' =(

From the Angkor P.O.V to the crowds

Into the temple :

The art of the mythological war surrounding the temple


The "Yellow Yolk"
We witnessed the rising sun in the temple!

Warmth of the orange light

I wasnt allowed to enter because I was wearing a short pants...
This is the sacred chamber where lies the Buddha that gives good luck to the visitors!

Garden behind :

We spent almost 3hours to explore Angkor Wat and the garden behind~

Next post Sunset!

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