Friday, December 27, 2013


It was a misunderstanding after all. I'm sorry. I hope you found courage to forgive me someday.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

How it was all ended Cambodia ----> Malaysia

What I love about our trip is that this is the first time I get to travel with someone from a different country. I was seriously very worried that things might turn out bad and we have to stuck with each other awkwardly for 5days and in the end nothing really big happened. I really had a lot of fun coming to a place that I never expected I would be. I'm really thankful to Soyoung for the company and for all her trust all her patience all her tolerance all her forgiveness all her skin product to someone she barely known for less than a day (refer to my other post 'how it was all started')...hahaz who knows I might be a serial killer or a retard lol...

(Pic taken by Soyoung)

I wouldn't be here without her as my Malaysian friends couldn't come with me and my family definitely disapprove the idea of me travelling alone. It's just not a safe world anymore.

During my stay in Cambodia I find it really amusing when the locals and other tourists look at you twice and Soyoung before they start a conversation. I just found it very entertaining seeing their look trying very hard to determine which language they should use since I'm having a very typical Chinese face and Soyoung having a Korean look.

It's sad though as two Asians travelling together and we have to converse in a Western tongue but one thing for sure I had a great time I hope Soyoung felt the same too. Anyhow Soyoung just love to speak to me in Korean and whenever I showed the blurred face she will express her message again in English. I had never been a good listener so I really tried my best and keep on reminding myself I have to be one!

(Pic taken by Soyoung)

We keep on spotting tourists in a group and Soyoung called them the 'package'. Ever since Soyoung started it we made fun of them...calling them package whenever we encountered a large-package-tour-group. XD
Well sometimes you just need to find something to entertain yourself in a land that you are not familiar with.

(Pic taken by Soyoung)

Last week I went back hometown and as usual my grandma love to scan me from my skin fairness to my body size. Surprisingly she said my skin perplexion is not much different which is very rare because every trip  I went to for sure I will came home tanned!!!

I told her my secret!!!Every morning Soyoung will arrange SIX skin product to be applied on the face!!!hahaz...How could the sun rays penetrate through 6 layers when our Earth has only 5 layers of protection!!!?? This is also my first time applying so much on my face!!! Thanks Soyoung I felt beautiful throughout the trip!!!xD

I love going on trip because I can just be carefree and forgetting whatever is in my head. You can call it escapism or what I love to call it a therapy. I try not to remember so much as I do not want to burden my head and all I want is just fully enjoy the moment of eating and sleeping whenever I want.  Those times were such a bliss!!!

(Pic taken by Soyoung)

Upon my return to Malaysia I realized I've neglected so much. I always thought that my problem with my friends is because I never listened enough. To avoid history resurfaced again I listened attentively I tried to accommodate. I did my best but turns out the problem is  
now to recall every single things I made the decision without asking her opinions
All I can just say for now is
I am really sorry 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Food at Siem Reap, Cambodia

We seem to get hungry very early in Cambodia as for me the time is 1hour difference and for my Korean friend is a 2hours gap so it's not surprising when other tourists were looking at us having dinner as early as 5pm Cambodian time. Personally I think Khmer food cooking style is a little bit like Chinese except they are slightly bland but their noodle is totally different. Of all the the SouthEastAsian countries noodles I've tasted they only settle down with one type of meat but....

We had this noodle in the Old Market where they mixed all the meats;chicken slices,pork frozen blood and beef slices into a bowl of glass noodle soup. 

The soup is just amazing with the big chunks of soften carrot that I licked the whole bowl well,almost

Later that evening we had this some kind of pork menu and a spaghetti in a restaurant called Blue Pumpkin that is highly recommended by all bloggers. For me the food is just so-so but the atmosphere is nice just that it's kinda stuffy upstairs

Khmer food is an instant favorite for me and Soyoung. Every Khmer restaurants we went to we left the place  satisfied. Throughout our 5days stay in Siem Reap all the Khmer food we tried are just simply awesome!

Khmer Kitchen Restaurant

They served their dishes in beautiful porcelain plates and bowls

I seriously don't remember the name of this dish but it tasted really good!
You can ask Soyoung

I was having something shrimp and the whole bowl was filled with it and I did not manage to finish it

Khmer Angkor Restaurant

After our early trip to the Angkor Wat we had our breakfast here right opposite the Angkor Wat

Soyoung's early breakfast drink

See my fresh milk is in a sardine can look!!!

Huge portion of fish soup with vegetables!!!

Soyoung's breakfast set is large too~~

Father's Restaurant

The dishes we had was this kind of yellow noodle that was fried that tasted like biscuits...very crunchy as if we are eating chips!!! The gravy next to it is to mix it that adds extra taste to it!!!Highly recommended...

(Pictures courtesy of Soyoung)

I could never forget how the juiciness of the PORK fats(absorbed the soup) tasted while you are chewing that leaves your mouth watering for more!!! Vietnamese Beef Noodle is always top on my list but after trying the PORK noodle soup loooks like I need to open another column for this soup!!! Too bad the noodle is just so-so but nah I don't care I just want to taste the soup and the fatty pork meat AGAIN!!!

Menu at Noodles are quite limited but as long as the food they served are good why bother. Soyoung's order is fantastic too!!! The way they bbq the beef that immensed the lemon grass and at the same time maintaining the taste of the beef is just way too good!!!never tried these good stuff before anyway in SouthEast ASia yet!!! The lime juice fits the meal excellently!!!


We had this much for breakfast!!!

The pizza is really good!!!

Soyoung favourite American breakfast set
If you had noticed the earlier pics I've posted you can see that the French influences are still visible. Instead of the normal squarish type of bread they served you Baguette

We called 'Morning Glory' Kangkong in Malaysia
Right now at this dry season Morning glory and another type of vege I couldnt remember which type are the only available ones

BBQ and Khmer Food Lover
(taken with Soyoung's camera)

One of the brightly lit nice roadside restaurant that you can have your grilled fish here but we waited quite long for the fish
Interesting spot to watch people walking and leaving pub street =]

Stay tuned for my last post!!!!
Night night~~
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia (Banteay Samre)

While on the way back from Banteay Srey we stopped by Banteay Samre. Thought it would be another ordinary temple but NO it's not!!!  

This temple is relatively small too as it doesn't required much walking. We sat somewhere exploring  the temple by our eyes

Compared to Banteay Kdei or Angkor Wat the  'Naga' are located outside of the structure but not here. The 'Naga' are located in the temple itself.

The chambers are all sealed except the entrance

And that's all for all the temples I had enjoyed the most! 

Upnext, Trip Randomness~

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Siem Reap,Cambodia (Banteay Srey)

Hahaz almost every temples we visited are the same so we decided to have a long 37km ride to the outskirts of Siem Reap town. I find the ride is quite rewarding as we need to passby some villages and I get to know roughly how agricultural activities supported them. They plant mostly we planted in Malaysia; the tropical fruits~ Buffaloes are seen roaming freely at the dried paddy fields.

After 1hour sight of the countryside finally we are here and I've noticed there is smtg quite different from the rest!

The door and the structure of the buildings are in a much smaller sizes!
When I told Soyoung maybe the King or the God might be in a shorter size that's why everything is smaller she laughed. No offense but it was just merely a joke after a long ride in the hot weather. Her laughter makes me happy too.

What really catches my eyes is the statue and the craftsmanship on the stones!!!
It fills every spaces of the stone~ 

 The Human body with animal faces statue

And the materials used are red sandstone. 
You will notice the reddish colour tone in all my pics here!

The details on the stone

The story on the stone

The companion , Soyoung Lee

=) I find Banteay Samre very fascinating too!!!
NEXT Banteay Samre~

Siem Reap, Cambodia (Pre Rup)

Pre Rup another place for sunset which has a lesser number of people. Found a spot at the corner for Mr.Sunset!

Hahaz~The way Soyoung anticipating the sunset is so serious O.O!

Somehow my best bet is she's from Algeria! 
Never had the chance to find out though~

The sun is still hiGH Up~
*Pic is editted*

One of the eager visitors
hahaz feels like we have been waiting forever
Meanwhile I thought the way of turning the bottle water cap can determined whether you are a right handed or left handed as my companion is so confident that the bottle is mine just to found out that she knew it because her cap is still attached to her bottle and mine is NOT. 
EMBARRASSING enough because I test turning the cap with my left hand and right~ X.X

Sun is setting 
*Pic is editted*

The colour of the temple during the sunset

The side view

Down the horizon

Tuk - tuk for 37km away from Siem Reap next....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Siem Reap,Cambodia (Angkor Wat)

Most people will probably answer you "Angkor Wat" when you asked them what do you know about Cambodia. Second answer would probably Pol Pot but not let's get into the mood of the political war.
Angkor Wat is the most famous spot for sunrise! As early as 5am Cambodian timing, tourist already flocking and most already blocking and squatting at the best spot for the view of the sunrise and the temple. I never seen such a number of people at a scenic view before. Feels like I'm camping for Apple's latest product! If you have the time do come back for sunset where there is less crowded. 

The entrance at dawn

The temple

Once the temple is visible we left. Should had waited for the rising 'egg yolk' =(

From the Angkor P.O.V to the crowds

Into the temple :

The art of the mythological war surrounding the temple


The "Yellow Yolk"
We witnessed the rising sun in the temple!

Warmth of the orange light

I wasnt allowed to enter because I was wearing a short pants...
This is the sacred chamber where lies the Buddha that gives good luck to the visitors!

Garden behind :

We spent almost 3hours to explore Angkor Wat and the garden behind~

Next post Sunset!