Sunday, March 10, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia (Pre Rup)

Pre Rup another place for sunset which has a lesser number of people. Found a spot at the corner for Mr.Sunset!

Hahaz~The way Soyoung anticipating the sunset is so serious O.O!

Somehow my best bet is she's from Algeria! 
Never had the chance to find out though~

The sun is still hiGH Up~
*Pic is editted*

One of the eager visitors
hahaz feels like we have been waiting forever
Meanwhile I thought the way of turning the bottle water cap can determined whether you are a right handed or left handed as my companion is so confident that the bottle is mine just to found out that she knew it because her cap is still attached to her bottle and mine is NOT. 
EMBARRASSING enough because I test turning the cap with my left hand and right~ X.X

Sun is setting 
*Pic is editted*

The colour of the temple during the sunset

The side view

Down the horizon

Tuk - tuk for 37km away from Siem Reap next....