Monday, March 4, 2013

How it was all started? Msia ---> Cambodia

Sorry my dear blog that I've neglected you for so long....
Will try to make up my time with you in 2013~xP

AND....So what happened in Bangkok? Hahaz...Can I just passed? Lazy to talk about it...


To kick off my first post in 2013 let's explore Siem Reap~
Did I tell you my companion is a Korean!!! No?Yeah? So basically two Asians met in SouthEast Asia (Bangkok) last May ended up in a reunion trip in another SouthEast Asia's country (Cambodia) this February...Well I seriously miss her a lot since our farewell at BTS. The memory is quite vivid still of me losing the sight of her going up the escalator.

I couldn't believe that she actually skipped Lunar New Year celebration and her graduation just for the trip...I think she is very COOL 'hou yeng arh' !!!  Give me a Like please!

I made her waited for 1hour as me,May and Kumutha were celebrating Chinese New Year at Poh Guan's house earlier. Haizz I feel so sorry when I saw her sitting on the ground below the telephone booth at the airport in the middle of the night! =(

Later on thanks to May we are heading back to May's place for a hot bath and before that we went to yumcha with Sam and I realized how thirsty and hungry she was~ZZz I should had brought extra water... I'm not considerate at all.


To make up with my regrets I promise myself I'm going to be more particular throughout the trip.

Let's Fly~

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