Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Food at Siem Reap, Cambodia

We seem to get hungry very early in Cambodia as for me the time is 1hour difference and for my Korean friend is a 2hours gap so it's not surprising when other tourists were looking at us having dinner as early as 5pm Cambodian time. Personally I think Khmer food cooking style is a little bit like Chinese except they are slightly bland but their noodle is totally different. Of all the the SouthEastAsian countries noodles I've tasted they only settle down with one type of meat but....

We had this noodle in the Old Market where they mixed all the meats;chicken slices,pork frozen blood and beef slices into a bowl of glass noodle soup. 

The soup is just amazing with the big chunks of soften carrot that I licked the whole bowl well,almost

Later that evening we had this some kind of pork menu and a spaghetti in a restaurant called Blue Pumpkin that is highly recommended by all bloggers. For me the food is just so-so but the atmosphere is nice just that it's kinda stuffy upstairs

Khmer food is an instant favorite for me and Soyoung. Every Khmer restaurants we went to we left the place  satisfied. Throughout our 5days stay in Siem Reap all the Khmer food we tried are just simply awesome!

Khmer Kitchen Restaurant

They served their dishes in beautiful porcelain plates and bowls

I seriously don't remember the name of this dish but it tasted really good!
You can ask Soyoung

I was having something shrimp and the whole bowl was filled with it and I did not manage to finish it

Khmer Angkor Restaurant

After our early trip to the Angkor Wat we had our breakfast here right opposite the Angkor Wat

Soyoung's early breakfast drink

See my fresh milk is in a sardine can look!!!

Huge portion of fish soup with vegetables!!!

Soyoung's breakfast set is large too~~

Father's Restaurant

The dishes we had was this kind of yellow noodle that was fried that tasted like biscuits...very crunchy as if we are eating chips!!! The gravy next to it is to mix it that adds extra taste to it!!!Highly recommended...

(Pictures courtesy of Soyoung)

I could never forget how the juiciness of the PORK fats(absorbed the soup) tasted while you are chewing that leaves your mouth watering for more!!! Vietnamese Beef Noodle is always top on my list but after trying the PORK noodle soup loooks like I need to open another column for this soup!!! Too bad the noodle is just so-so but nah I don't care I just want to taste the soup and the fatty pork meat AGAIN!!!

Menu at Noodles are quite limited but as long as the food they served are good why bother. Soyoung's order is fantastic too!!! The way they bbq the beef that immensed the lemon grass and at the same time maintaining the taste of the beef is just way too good!!!never tried these good stuff before anyway in SouthEast ASia yet!!! The lime juice fits the meal excellently!!!


We had this much for breakfast!!!

The pizza is really good!!!

Soyoung favourite American breakfast set
If you had noticed the earlier pics I've posted you can see that the French influences are still visible. Instead of the normal squarish type of bread they served you Baguette

We called 'Morning Glory' Kangkong in Malaysia
Right now at this dry season Morning glory and another type of vege I couldnt remember which type are the only available ones

BBQ and Khmer Food Lover
(taken with Soyoung's camera)

One of the brightly lit nice roadside restaurant that you can have your grilled fish here but we waited quite long for the fish
Interesting spot to watch people walking and leaving pub street =]

Stay tuned for my last post!!!!
Night night~~
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