Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hmm...dun noe la..been very rushing for da past few weeks BUT things gettin better lu since nw is already week 14 means assignments n presentation ALL SETTLED but it also means that exams are comin!!!feel relieved but at da same time tension pulak...ish*...

went karaoke yesterday...was hesistating at 1st coz i'm really tired but went also la becoz of unknown from 4pm-10pm...i can tell u this is da 1st record i break being in da k room for so long...but overall i enjoyed la i can say...guess wat im nt really singing IM YELLING to da microphone...songs frm linkin park n evanescence..hahaz..hopefully i din get blacklisted for that..
becoz of the yelling, for da whole day my stomach's muscles legs too becoz i think i jump like a rockstar like im having concert pulak..

kla for today...tired la...

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