Saturday, September 19, 2009

exam week or fun week???

2 days ago after advertising's paper went watched movie wif my "foundation" fren at mid valley...we watched where got ghost...really make u laughed n terrified at da same time...when "foundation" fren went queing up to buy popcorn n drink saw ah peng n ming wai...lolx..everytime see that "ah beng" we sure will crap until crazy...hmmm..then ah peng ajak me go watch the unbeliveable at 7pm..hahax..coincidently we are goin to watch where got ghost also..after movie "foundation" fren went home n i went to join ah peng n da gang...we all went to eat korean food at the food junction...walao eh!!! so nice da food..i ordered saaba grilled fish set....the set consists of the whole fish,taufu soup,green tea,kimchi n white carrot...yum yum..

today after communicative paper's went sing k wif hui ning...hahaz...she sings very far she is one of the best singer i know..lolx..never expected tat her voice can be so good!!!hahax as compared to me i cant sing at all...i only know hw to yell to da mic...sang thr for 5 hours then she fetched me to cell group that starts at 8.30pm..i reached thr at 9.15pm...hahax...late comers!!!

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