Friday, September 4, 2009

What a day!!!! adi watched 2 movies in Mid is da midnight show 12am-1++am which is Final Destination 4 with hsemates except pui san n vivian..present were also carmen n kang you..the effects of the movie are not that good coz this movie is meant to be watched 3D but instead we watched da normal screening becoz the seats are full for were sitting at the 1st row facing the gigantic

The second movie is G.I Joe frm 4.10pm-6++pm wif hui ning....haha..really had a nice day wif her la...were very rushed when we are goin thr n when we adi reached there we din take notice of ANYTHING around us...all we were focussed on was to get to the ticket line the movie we walked around as we havent thought of what for dinner..went to pet's wonderland n when i asked hui ning wat time are we goin to leave m.v she said "9pm begins da trip back"..then i also oklor..then went for dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters since all the fast food restaurant we wanna go adi full-house...the funniest or maybe the silliest part is here....b4 u guys reading the next sentence may i noe hw many ppl are reading this actually realize hw big is da parking lots in mid valley???hahaz...

After the dinner then went to pay for the parking fees...when i jokingly asked hui ning whether she noe whr she parked her car or nt her face suddenly turned nervous and said "i dunno"...OH SHIT!!!lolx..really LOL coz i dun remember it neither nt even which floor we parked it...SO NOW THE HUNT n down looking for da car...frm one exit to another n we even bumped into our lecture class's new couple...really paiseh lor when they asked me wat am i doin here n i blunty answered them im looking for my car!!!hahaz...funny la see hw they all reacted

From a parking zone to another zone she keep on pressing on the car's lock remote n finally after around 45mins search WE FOUND IT!!!!phew!!!sweating like crazy!!!ish!!!i keep on blaming myself until i reached home n hui ning keep on saying i cried singing n listening to the emo song by MCR which is actually nt true at all!!!i was jz trying to entertain her...hahaz..n guess wat when we managed to get out frm mid valley is 9pm sharp!!!really accurate la the way she predicted da time...LOL..hui ning u rocks!!!really my dai ka jie!!!hahaz..;D

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