Monday, August 17, 2009

Paranoid or WAT???

Monday should be no classes but tis week got replacement class at 11.30am...As usual to campus walking is already my habit and a part of my exercises.LOl...Morning was great but nt until i began walkin to campus...There was a truck written "Alam Flora" when i crossed the road that time...I saw 3 of them in their garbage collector's attire i supposed that did not look creppy to me...When i passed by them on the opp. road they began to look at me n even 1 of them attempt to talk to me but i pretended i saw nothing and continued walking...Suddenly i feel one of them is actually following me n i jz told myself maybe he is goin to pick-up some garbage on the same lane im walkin..After a few steps I looked back and nw he look like some stalker to me..I try to walk faster n i can listened to his footsteps that he is catching up...I dunno whether im paranoid or wat la but i somehw sensed i might be in trouble and praise the lord i saw a cab comin down the lane n boarded the cab and faster chow chow chow....Gosh!!!they really scared the hell out of me...One thing i regretted is bcoz i din look back and see hw they reacted...maybe they jz happened to be the garbage collector...watever la im safe nw by God's grace...really thanks God!!
When i tell the taxi driver he also actually saw the guy is followin me...Gosh!!! i really felt relieved i boarded the taxi but when the taxi is comin but at some point i actually hesistate to board the taxi bcoz who knows they might "berpakat"...When i get up da taxi i adi get ready to call my fren in case anything happens...

When i reached campus i realized the meter is showing 4.60 which i dun hav that much change to pay...All i hav wif me is a piece of rm 50 note...LOl...i gave him the 50 note n he took out all his change also nt enough to return me and he said "nvm la..jz give me all the change u got"...paiseh lor!!!i only hav rm2.30 in my purse n he said nvm...i asked him to wait while i get him the rest..he say nvm...nxt time got chance only giv him n he keep on telling me "u pergi kelas u dah lambat" which i told him earlier i adi late...i only got his name kamalruddin n said a million tq n sori to him b4 i closed the door...

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