Saturday, August 1, 2009


Been very lazy lately to update my i mentioned in my 1st post...

It has been a wonderful weeks since the last post for me...Happy and pleasant moments wif frens and cuzzie..Last Wednesday nite cousin sis brought me to watch Ice Age 3..The movie is nt the ordinary comedy u watch often..The way the story is portrayed is so different from others..2 words,MUST WATCH!!!

Hmm,couldnt quite remember what other remarkable experiences for the past few days and weeks...hahaz..all i could recalled is everything seems to be happening smoothly...Thanks God!!!

Yesterday went outing wif CG's brothers and sisters in Sunway Pyramid...We took our dinner at Mr.Tepanyaki and then went for archery...This is my 1st time trying tis..Walao,its alot tougher than i ever imagined and ended up muscles pain today...out of 40 arrows only 6 arrows got to pin to the "paiseh"...hahaz..watever la...thank you everyone that had made my life so happening...

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