Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feels BAD!!!

Looking back at my shooting i really feel that im not good being a spontaneous person....hw can !!!The reason i could never accepted is "last minute work"...well,i can say that even the very very last second work u made u can perfectise it wif ur spontanity and wits...haizzz....all i can see frm my video is jz me being very "kayu"(stiff) and not flexible enough to react to ppl's response!!!haizzzz....IM JUST NOT GOOD!!!!!NOT GOOD!!!! and if any of my group members is reading this i hope that u guys wont be affected by my confession...u guys are doin great is jz that i feel that i doesnt performed good enough for our group...


  1. hey,dont say like this.u done very well ady,if not,we willn't ask u to b the interviewer.
    Just believe urself n us,ok?

  2. =_= You are great too lar...
    but you must be greater!
    Practise makes perfect...
    so, JIA YOU lar!!!
    We all support you geh