Monday, July 6, 2009

Yumcha @ Kampar~

Yesterday followin my brother back to Kampar to meet some old frens...When i reached there i meet up wif mei xian n wei keat...Actually i was supposed to meet them at 9pm for yumcha but i dunno whr to go 1st becoz earlier i had lied to olivia that i am nt goin to stay over at Kampar...Nowhere to go i join them for awhile 1st..Since they are eating i feel awkward looking at their meals so i decided to pay a surprise visit to my dear fren, olivia and will join them later for yumcha...lolx...she din really looks surprised...hahax..I accompanied her for dinner and we chatted quite alot...of course la my best fren ma....hehe...

At 9something,those who present for yumcha at Ghanny were mei xian,wei keat,mun mun,flo,kah yi,jamie,andrew,sharon and my brother...It has been a long time gather around for yumcha since i came to P.j.. I ordered milo...lolx...wat a silly drink to order when u can jz make it urself at home...lolx...AFter awhile mei xian,wei keat and my brother left...For the ppl who are staying I cant believe u guys got a lot of stuffs to gossip bout ur roomates and housemates...Im happy to hear,though...lolx...Actually i would love to gossip bout my roomate also but she is way too perfect...ntg to complain about...lolx...

Gettin late adi n nt wanting my fren to wait for me to get home i left 1st...We din talked much when i got home n i dunno why maybe becoz im quite tired and she has to prepare for her presentation for 2moro(today)...but we did joked around b4 we hit da sack...I managed to snap some photos of Grand Kampar's Hotel but only a few are nice...XD

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