Wednesday, January 11, 2012

North Trip Part IV (Kedah)

P After Betong we head towards Pantai Merdeka, Kedah and had a night stay at the hut for only RM15/night. We are so glad that we stayed here indeed of going to Jitra a town area. None of us had been to this beach. Indeed a good found for us. =]

We were glad that get to see the sunset at the paddy field and after snapping the sunset zero batt...too bad i cant snap anything during dinner time.

Dinner was scrumptious and this place is famous for its prawn so every dishes we ordered for sure one of the ingredients contained prawn.

The price is very reasonable too. Less than rm60 for a 6person's meal and we all leaving this place bloated...
A budget place to drop by if you guys are travelling to north!

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