Monday, January 9, 2012

North Trip Part III (Betong)

After our 3days 2night stay at Penang we continue our journey to Betong...It's at the border of Thailand and Perak State...If you are here you really should eat!!Seriously eat like nobody's business if not you are gonna to miss them especially the chicken dishes and pork!!! Only a 2days and a night stay in Betong my tongue already missing the food here...T.T Smtg nice to notice too.. They served drink in glass bottles but in Msia we ordered by glassesO.O..
Apart from the food the Mandarin Hotel Im staying I almost got a shock...It's like thr's a big window whr u cn see what is happening in the bathroom from outside...lolx...Well you know what Thailand is famous for...xD Tourist can visit places like the communist hideout place and the temple by renting a van to bring u all to the attractions...

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