Saturday, April 30, 2011

Little girl

How i wish at that moment I had my camera with me to preserve the feeling,smile and the innocence stare of the little girl..

The stall right behind my house thr is this little girl that helps in the family business.
This evening when I went and dapao something happened that I almost break down.

I was waiting for my order and the little girl walked past me straight to the fridge which is higher than herself. She stand with her toes to lift herself up so that she can reach something in it. She is struggling.

I wanted to help her but when I reached her she already closing the fridge's door and whatever she was trying to take earlier was this ice cream she gave it to me. Her sincerity stare just made me wanna cry...

I was stunted becoz i wasnt expecting anything from anyone and some more from an innocent girl like her. All I can said was thank you but she never knew that the ice cream is not an ordinary ice cream but something else that really makes a difference in my life.

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