Thursday, January 6, 2011

bola everywhr in Bali~

Seriously I really have no interest at all in Malaysia 's football team until Christmas when an Indonesian immigrant officer strikes me after he checked my passport...

Indon officer: "dari malaysia ke?kenapa datang??tak tengok bola??"
I : "bola?" =='''
Indon officer: " team Indonesia dah pergi sana(m'sia) semalam"

then i pretend I noe...

I : "ooo bola itu ke?tak ader la saya datang sini tengok tv sudah boleh"

Omg,i really couldnt believe it when Malaysia got into the final!!oh man before the match everyone is talking about about it!!!u can almost talk to everyone about the match in between M'sia and Indon...I'll jz let the pics tell the story~u Shld see how they are being super loyal to their country when everyone is watching football from streets to supermarket!!!I cn tell im a skeptic person in believing Malaysia actually "boleh" but yeah it proves me wrong but tht doesnt mean i will support them..

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