Wednesday, August 4, 2010

weeek 10~

what?!cant believe myself it's already my 10th week studying in Year 2...i quite love tis sem's timetable and subjects...for those who might thought i lost my password for my blog coz i nvr updated since may i would like to state one of my biggest conflict."i dun have internet access for a month"and i totally lost my interest of writing ever since what brought me back?Hmm,ntg jz becoz i would to revive back my blog...lame i noe..=='''Coming back to week 10 hmm alot of stuff to be done as they due next week...mmt homepage,scriptwriting x2,international advertising and copywrting and also COMM.TECH presentation...well that's uni life..xD...i think that's all at the moment i guess.,.p/s The pic was taken some weeks ago...

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