Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today while rushing to campus i fell down and i was in my formal wear!!!again on the same leg but tis time the the wound is directly on the knee cap...GREAT!!! i thought the quiz was at 8am but turns out it's after the lectures...around 10++??wth!!!haizz..blood again!!!cleaned the wound and continue walking...i do believe that if someone look at you long enough you will fall down coz it happened to some number of people that i have positive comment to and they fell when me and my friends were commenting about them...When i was on the way to campus a guy keep on looking at me while parking and after a few steps i fell down on my right knee but i pretended to catch my falling note pad and yeah the blood stained my note pad!!!my course mates asked about my knee and i told them a dog was chasing after me and to get rid of it i told them i was actually wanted to pick up a stone but lost my balance and ended up hurting my knee>.<'' took bath when i reached home and the pain is so unbearable that i'm almost break down but all i did was tahan and groaned becoz i dun wanna let my hsemates noe that im crying in the bathroom...it would be so embarrassing if they knew~lol...

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