Thursday, November 12, 2009

Terrible flu~

my nose like a leaking pipe for days...haizzz...cant believe i really fall sick...maybe becoz of the wheather or maybe becoz i got drenched these few days while walking home...until now i still havent bought an umbrella...reason why?none of the umbrellas that really got my attention..hahax..i noe im picky but i really dun wan something that doesnt suit me at all...and now u see im sick own fault...hehe...neway,wish myself get well soon la after takin the medicine which i bought jz resistency to use an umbrella had caused me rm22.25 for da pills and also causes a lot of trees being cut down T.T...haizz...p/s i would like to thank the person who bring me to the pharmacy...^^chow!!!

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