Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rice+Chicken Curry

This is the 1st chicken curry rice i ever ordered in my life...i noe this sounds silly but yeap this is it...i nvr made an order on spicy food becoz i dun wanna risk my tougue burns resulting in the whole meal get wasted...lolx..reason y i took my very 1st step in ordering this dish is becoz thr is ntg left on the menu to eat...all sold out...walao!boh pian lor so i try this dish requesting the waiter not to make it so spicy..lolx..of course i noe curry is cooked in a big pot but jz to convince myself that the curry is less spicy...xD...hahax..when the dish is here i prayed very hard to avoid any tougue burning..lolx..the waiter even gave me a small bowl of sauce in case i cant stand the spicyness...hahaz..funny!!!Not so bad after all...The curry is nt that spicy...>paiseh<...With me that day was jazlyn n the picture is taken by her with me in it but i cropped myself out..hehe

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