Saturday, October 15, 2011

North Trip Part I (Kuala Kurau)

Went all the way to all the north states wif a group of engineering friends that I've just known and our first stop is Kuala Kurau located at Kerian district,Perak. It takes around 1h25mins frm Ipoh to reach here. We dropped by at our friend's place and to reach her house we need to get through an unexpected alley which leads to an area that housed less than 10houses!!!

Of course the surprises have not yet ended! When we entered her house we were greeted by a calm breeze of wind! From the living hall you can see a long hallway leading to the backyard and to our amazed we saw the RIVER and some fishing boats tied to the some poles!!!

OH NO BOATS!!!How can we leave this place without the experience on a fishing boats?! Her brother drove us on a boat heading to place somewhere in the middle of the river and guess what her family owns a fishery too!!!!O.O We get off the boat and walk around to look at the nets and try to spot some fish but the net was so deep underneath that we couldn't see any fish...

After the fishery tour she brought us to this makan place where it serves the prawn fritters with a unique eating style~ You wrapped the mee with the fritters and dipped into the sweet chili sauce oh my the taste really blend so prefectly!!! At a first look the fritters may look like Malay kuih "cucur" but the taste a bit diff as the flour are not the much, and the green vege(idk what's it called) is so raw.. We also share prawn mee and also laksa!!!oh no the freshness is really unforgettable!!!

Indeed an eye opener for someone who lives so far from the sea! =]

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