Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If you are a fan of soya bean then this is a must!!!

Went kl sentral to buy tickets home tis afternoon...looked at the watch and it's 1pm..hmm,kinda early to go back pj now so decided to talk a walk at petaling street~actually my main reason is to eat the yong tao fu!!!It is located somewhr nxt to petaling street...The chinese name of this street is called chung hwa kai...it's kinda hidden so it's hard for me to explain the direct position of this stall...If you are planning to come here through petaling street then u enter a building called Bagunan Peng Tak and walk all the way to the back of this building...yeap it is located at the back lane of this building...The one that u hav to try is their taufu!!!the taufu is so smooth and soft tht u actually forget u are actually eating a solid food!!!It's kinda giv u the feeling of drinking soya bean becoz the smell of the soya is strong and u cn actually feel what is it like to eat a 100% made of soya bean taufu!!!I actually waited for 10mins just for this taufu becoz the demand for it is many...They keep on frying non-stop!!!

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