Monday, November 15, 2010


Crazy!tis afternoon when i was walking to campus i saw a car that speed very fast and parked it at a small lane...thought it was nothing so i continue walkin..when i almost passed by the lane the person get off from the car and try to show his crotch but failed coz there were some cars passing by..All i could see is tht he covered his di** wif his hands...1st reaction was to run and try to look around for aid...Luckily a lady was comin out to her collect her parcel and i told her the whole story...When i was tellin her the story that retard was driving towards me from another direction and when that aunty saw him he quickly turned to another way!!!phew!!!luckily thr was someone for me to ask help from...then aunty let me refuge at her hse while waitin for hui ning to come and fetch me..haizz...if i nvr had ponteng the earlier classes i wouldn't had met that psycho!!!