Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The existence of my blog~

LOL...i totally forgotten about my blog...it has been 1month++ din update becoz of my laziness...hahaz...been so happy for all these while...Hmm,the most exciting part which was happened last saturday when all of us went station one cafe after the meeting...Went dinner + supper @ station one cafe...We were sittin nxt to the stage...all of us sang wif the songs they played and we played cards thr too while enjoying the meal and the songs...There were 16 of us altogether...The last song they played was in the end by linkin park and i was actually rapping the beginning verse and suddenly all of my friends were like gesturing the rocker's sign and yoyo together wif me...all of them was like so "high"...Wow,really unexpected!!!!not to mention customers frm other tables were lookin at us...OMG!!!i was so paiseh but i dun care i continued to sing until the end!!!!;D...

p/s:went to watch "solomon kane" wif hui ning too earlier..hehe~

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